Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday School Class

I once thought the idea of an adult Sunday School class was somewhat of an oxymoron. Over the years I've seen the errors of my ways and truly love the class I'm now a part of. We're doing the book of Revelation, and it does get interesting looking at prophecy in light of current world and national politics. It's a mens' class, and pretty much gloves off. On top of that, when it gets too slow, someone--often me--will make a statement, or answer a question in a way sure to get it wound up again.

Yesterday's class was a bit more intense than normal, we actually never got to the text, but went into issues of world religion such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and how the founding fathers of this nation would have dealt with them. What are their rights, anyway? If the constitution grants a freedom of religion as we believe the Bill of Rights does, should a Buddhist display be allowed along side a nativity scene in a public park?

And what do Muslims really believe? Should we distrust all of them? Any of them? Why? That led into a discussion of the Crusdades. Was it right to have a Christian Army pushing to take back what the armies of Allah had taken? Maybe the war was just, but to make it a almost a turn around from the Muslim conversions at the point of a sword, to a Christian conversion by the same means.

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