Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My wife got a bit upset with me last night as I fumed over all the fuss being generated in Washington. I probably did have more "humph"s, snorts and sighs than normal, but I'm just sick of it. I'll be working tonight, so don't have to worry about watching the news, either at 6 or 11, so she won't have to hear my distaste for all that's gone on.
I've been on Earth and concious of about 10 innaugurations, I'd guess, and have never seen so much fuss over one as this. Any elected president deserves a party. No problem with that, but this whole thing is absurd. Yes, Barak Obama is the first person of color ever to take office. That in itself is historic, and deserves some celebration I suppose. But give me a break! This isn't celebration, it's worship.
Barak Obama is a man. He is NOT, as has been said (by a noted Muslim), the messiah. He is not the one anwer to all our problems. He can't be. We're not in a national problem, it's a global problem. There's never been a time, except during the two world wars, when the world is so filled with problems.
I wish the new president well, however we can already see some of the direction he is pushing us in: the left. It will be an interesting time, no question about that.

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