Friday, January 9, 2009

End of the Obama jokes

Confession time: The Obama jokes were fun while the race was on; actually some of the McCain jokes were pretty good, too. Barak Obama won, John McCain lost, the race is now over. For many days I continued to get emails which were jokes or rants about our soon to be president.
Even good Christian folks continued to send them and one day a responded rather tersley to one of them that it was time to end it.
As Christians, we above all are required--are you ready for this--PRAY for Obama, for Biden, and all of the appointments which are being or will be made in the short time between now and the election.
We don't have to like them. We certainly don't have to support their policies and politics, but we do have to pray for them.
At a point in time where the idiology of our nation seems to be at a crossroad, where "one nation under God" seems to be intersecting with "some nation under many gods," we need to pray all the more.
Makes you wonder if we as Christians have been praying hard enough, long enough, doesn't it?

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