Friday, January 9, 2009

More on map reading

My wife and I love to travel. Generally I do most of the driving, I guess it's a guy thing, and she's the navigator. I've often been confused by her instructions even though she gives clear and simple directions.
A few months ago I rode my motorcycle from our home in upstate NY to a meeting of what's called the Christian Game Warden Support Group, held in hunting camp about 40 miles west of Nashville, TN. I did the entire trip withough her giving me directions! Never got lost even once! Didn't even get too confused!

How did I do that? Simple, I spent time studying the map myself. I looked at the hard copy of the map, checked out confusing areas with some of the tools available on the computer, had good written directions.... In short, I put time into it myself and didn't rely on a navigator.

I have a pastor, two actually, I think the world of of. They're both Godly men, good teachers and preachers, and I trust what they tell me, that's it's the true way, the proper directions, by which to live my life. However, I still need to get a look at the map myself. The map I speak of, of coures is the Bible.

Even thought I trust my wife's directions, it's no replacement for studying the map myself. Even thought I trust the teaching of my pastors, it's no substitute for sitting down with the Bible myself.

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