Monday, January 26, 2009

Monster Truck Control

I just read that "another" person was killed today in a monster truck event. It was only a week or so ago that someone else was similarly killed or injured. So why should we allow monster trucks if people are killed and injured?
The same could be asked on an international level concerning soccer games. These things incite riots; stadiums have collapsed and crushed fans...and we won't even talk about parents assaulting other parents at their kids' games. People have been killed and injured.
Even in auto racing cars, or part of them, have flown into the stands and killed or injured.
And for that matter, let's look at amusement parks. How many people, mostly children, are injured in rides each year?
All of these injuries and deaths are tragedies; but do we call for Monster Truck Control? Race Car Registration? Roller Coaster Bans? NO! Of course not. But Gun Control is always a hot topic.
I don't have numbers to support the thoughts I've just written, but think about it. If even a few people are killed or injured each year at motor events, sporting events or amusement parks; based on the number of those events, the percentage of injuries/event must be higher than the percentage of injuries/lawfully owned guns in the US.
I'm not suggesting that those things be regulated any more tightly than they are. I'm just trying to paint the picture to show the idiocy of many, if not most, if not all, gun control proposals.
I firmly believe that felons should not have guns, and have arrested many for that, and caused the seizure and destruction of many guns that way. I also believe that anyone using a gun in a crime should be put away for a long time; which seems to rarely happen in spite of mandatory sentencing. I believe that kids should not take guns to school--in the classroom that is. In the country, kids still go rabbit hunting before and after classes or tend their trap lines. One local school district (as I've been told) used to have a whole corner of the Principal's office stacked with rifles and shotguns through the fall and winter. The boys (and maybe a few girls) would bring them in when they came in, and pick them up when they left. Now, parents who stop to see a child's program get arrested because they've just come from a morning of turkey hunting and have a shotgun in the car. That's just plain DUMB, as are most current gun laws.

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