Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Politician

Since Senator Hillary was appointed and confirmed as Sec. of State, her position had to be filled by appointment of the Gov. Paterson. He had a long list of folks hopeful for the seat, but after a weeks of drama chose the most unimposing of the group. Kirsten Gillibrand--whose name I might have just misspelled.
First, I have to thank the good Gov. Paterson for picking an upstate candidate. Though she's still a democrat, she has a history of working for any person of her district who needed her help, and was supported across party lines. From what I've seen and heard, she's really a pretty altruistic politician! She also was endorsed by the NRA, though that might have been a "lessor of evils" choice, I really didn't study the issues at the time.
When she was in the House, I didn't pay that much attention to her, as it was not my district and the guy she beat got himself in bad spot and seemingly needed to be put out of office by the voters. Now that she's in a statewide office, I guess I'll have to pay more atttention to all her politics when the next election comes around.
DARN! That means I've got to pay attention again.

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