Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grudging Admiration and a strange question

I don't generally like the media, and still believe (in spite of several disagreements with son, who is one of them) that most of the media leans leans left--and no, I don't want to discuss it--I have to admire one portion which does something noble. This is the group that films, produces and aires the likes of chronicling the Duggar family.

First, my hat is off to the Duggars for living the life that they do, and having the willingness to let the world see it. They are a shining example for all to see. Though I watch them only infrequently, and I'll admit somewhat grudgingly, they are totally uplifting. They might not have it all, but they have all they need and are quite happy that way.

They are presented as people of Christian faith, and not mocked for it. It's a great thing to see a functional family, shown as being normal in a world where disfunction is more the norm.

As one of the many in this country who is in what I believe to be a functional family--my parents still married after 65 years, my wife and I nearing 35, all my children married...--we have begun to see a nation taken over by those who are not so raised. Do you think if there were more of likes of Jim Bob and his family we might not be in the national crisis we're in? Just asking.

You can use the same set up to ask many more questions. Figure that out for yourself.

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