Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Neuter the Geldings

A couple years ago, I heard a fellow at Iron Sharpens Iron talk about how we "neuter the geldings, then tell them to go forth and multiply."  It was a great quote and a good message, but I can't recall who the guy was.  As I searched for the quote on Google, this popped up:  Though I can't agree with all of it, a lot of it is dead on.  In the name of equality, we've been killing off real men. Oh, we've still got lots of adult males; but where are the real men?  We've sacrificed them on the altar of equality.  The melding of gender identity is killing us.
Before going any further, let me firmly say that I have no problem with successful women, I've worked for a few over over the years.  Two of them did well; one was pretty bad.  The ratio is about the same for the men I've worked for, so there's nothing to be drawn.  The good women bosses I've had were women first--real women!  They were wives, mothers, etc-- and bosses second.   They had nothing to prove, and were  good at what they did.  The one who had something to prove was so intent on making a point that she never was much of a boss.  (I have to qualify this--I currently work for one of the good ones.)
But I digress--back to the topic of men.  Our culture has ever so so steadily reduced the value of manhood.  All too often the strong ones are usually shown in a bad light, they're evil in some way or incredibly stupid.  There always has to be a woman to keep them in line.
 The other all too common image of a man today is one who is perfectly dressed, perfect in form, has no callouses, nothing rough or tough about him.  He's without strength, without character. He might not be a total wimp; but he's rapidly on the road to it.  He also seems to need a woman to keep him in line, or at least straighten him out when he messes up.  In either case, a man is never capable of properly  raising a child without a woman's help.  
Happily for me, I've had some good role models.  Men who knew what it was like to sweat--not just at a gym; men who could think for themselves, knew what was right and kept their word--even when it was costly to them...the real stand-up guys we could learn something from. Some of them even reared kids successfully without a woman around.  There are still such men around, but they're getting scarce.  Young men would do well to search out such men.
Our culture is suffering for lack of real men--and real women--those truly understand what manhood and womanhood are all about.  Don't be misled by what the media tosses at us as men and women.  The images are skewed at best, outright lies at worst.

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