Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lost Battle or Lost War

Thought I'm largely in favor of the anti government sentiment that's out there today, I am in favor only if the process used to combat it is in itself lawful.  Those of us who love our freedoms must understand that we cannot violently break the law to uphold or recover the law.  There may be some justification for civil disobedience; but it must be civil disobedience--not uncivilized.

We must recognize that this is not a battle of gun control, it's a battle of control.  Over the last century or so our national state and local governments have slowly--in some cases not so slowly--worked their way into so many areas of our lives that we don't even recognize where our freedoms have been taken.
Our tax money goes to things many of us will not support, and over time that becomes normal.  That, folks, is taking our freedom to earn and spend as we choose. Newer and increasing taxes further reduce those freedoms.
Our right to speak our minds is being silenced.  If I speak up against someone or something I dislike, I'm a hater or a bigot.  Those whose behaviors or ideal I dislike can call me a hater--and that's OK.  The right to speak your mind largely depends on which side of the fence your on.  That's the new normal.
Our freedom of religion is quite surely being eroded.  Many years back, the supposedly wise justices of the Supreme Court found a "penumbra" (shadow) of separation of church and state around the amendment giving us freedom of religion.  Over the years, that has given our nation a freedom from religion that most of us find disturbing.  Interestingly, Christians--protestant and Catholic--are the ones taking the biggest hits on this; but anyone who firmly stands on a religious principal is attacked in some way.  As an aside on that, note that as the ideals (Bible based ideals) upon which our nation  was founded have been pressed into the background, our society has slid into all manner of immorality and decay.
All these, and more, have become so firmly entrenched in society that they are now the norm.  Those battles have been lost.
Now the right to keep and bear arms is being attacked.  One police chief has said that we are but one generation from being a disarmed nation!  He might be right.  Around here, only a generation ago, guns were in the corners of kitchens and living rooms in most homes.  Everyone knew where they were, knew where the ammo was and knew how to use the guns.  Kids tended their trap lines going to and from school and left their guns in the principal's office.  Most pickups had a gun rack with a .22 or a.pump shotgun and the trucks were generally unlocked. Then it became fashionable and "safer" to lock up our guns and ammo in separate places--the new normal.  Now we have gun safes; even my own guns are locked up! We wouldn't dare pick up a child at school with a deer rifle in our vehicle for fear of being arrested.   That's the new normal.
Now, New York has a ban on magazines with more than seven rounds--only days ago, it was 10 rounds.  If I understand correctly, pistol permits once valid for life must be renewed every 5 years--that's the new normal.
With some time spent in the books and newspapers, I'm sure I could come up with more examples, but I think the point is made.  Gun control is but one battle in a war of ideology that's been raging for over a hundred years.   I fear that the tide has turned so far that it may now be past the point of no return.

So back to my original thought.  Our battle ground at the moment is the ballot box and the mailbox (though social media has largely replaced mail--a good thing for spreading the word).   We must spread facts, not innuendo.  If you're going to pass something on, make sure your information is right.  Though it's good to show emotion, don't let the emotion overrun the argument.  If you're going to put something in print, get it right--check spelling, grammar, etc.  Educated people won't read poorly written arguments and those folks must be reached and persuaded.
Our battle today is not, and I cannot stress this enough, not by means of the ammo box as some seem to be advocating.  I'll be rooting for you--and working by way of the ballot box and mail box--but I'm afraid I'd betting against you if I were a betting man.  I fear that the war has been lost.  I pray that I am wrong.

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