Tuesday, January 22, 2013

John Knox

Last week I read Tempest Over Scotland by Norman E. Nygaard.  It recounts the years of John Knox's preaching after his arrest and time rowing a French galley back and forth in the Med.   He was a powerful preacher, and a major force in the direction that the Nation of Scotland was going at the time.  It's widely believed that Mary, Queen of Scots said she feared his prayers more than all the armies of Europe.
That's interesting, one very astute and well-connected monarch feared the prayers of one preacher, just one man.  I suspect that she understood that his prayers were earnest, directed to the one true and mighty God.  
The times of John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots was a turbulent one, with a war of ideologies that would ultimately decide the direction of the nation.  His prayers prevailed. 
We are now engaged in a war of ideologies here in the US.  Pray!  Let our prayers be feared by those of the other mindset.   

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