Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman, a book review

One of my many pastor friends strongly recommended this book some time ago.  He was thinking about using it for a small group study.  Sadly, I didn't get around to it (yeah--I was too lazy) in a timely enough fashion to give him my input before he started to use it; but now having read it, I'm thinking the group will have great success if they really pay attention to the underlying Biblical principles that Idleman uses as he develops his theme.

The whole idea of the book is a common one: Jesus asked for followers, not for fans.  Idleman builds the thought in three parts: Fan or Follower? an honest diagnosis; An Invitation to Follow (the unedited version) and finally Following Jesus--wherever, whenever, whatever.   He does this in fourteen simple, short chapters; each one just about long enough to digest while downing that last cup of coffee, or during a the morning break at work.  Doing that, you'll be done in a couple weeks or so.  (Or you might get hooked, and just sit and read the whole thing in an evening.)

His writing style is simple, personal, sometimes humorous and often quite pointed.  Any reader who does not put up his defenses (I defy you to teach me anything!!!) will get jabbed quite often by God's Word reaching out from the text and touching him.   The book is dotted with "Not a Fan" stories.  These are from folks who have come to the point of making the choice to follow or not, and have chosen to follow; all of them go right to the heart.

Not a Fan is available at your local Christian bookstore or any of the major on-line outlets.  The retail is about 15 dollars.  Buy it, interact with it and pass it on.  Unless you put your defenses on, you will be changed by the way it puts God's Word into the common experience.

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