Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And the Basket Descends

The expression "going to Hell in a hand basket" is, at best, of uncertain origin--though it seems to be distinctly a product of the US; but there's not much doubt about its meaning.  It indicates a continuous and seemingly unalterable decline in the state of affairs, be it the state of a person, a business, a government entity or anything else.   The general direction of our culture fits that pattern.  It's not the economy, it's not the decline in the military; it's the general decline of the morality of the nation.  That is what is pulling our nation downward.
When our country was founded, it was founded upon a moral code that was specifically Bible based.  In fact, John Adams stated  "Our constitution was made only for a a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Yes, that's right, contrary to what's been taught in our history classes in the last 80 or so years, our founding fathers--those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were largely Christian men.  By that, I mean men who held to what would be considered today to be evangelical or even fundamental Christian faith.  This is born out by exploring the writings of the founders and by reading what others wrote and spoke about them.
Now that we've driven religion, as it was know to the founders, from our culture, is it any wonder why this nation flounders?  Certainly not.  With the decline of a religion of absolutes, we have become an immoral people.  We have declared wrong to be right, legalized the unthinkable; marginalized those who object.....
Maybe our progressive thinkers have managed to destroy us.  If our constitution will only work for religious and moral people and they've destroyed religion and morality, maybe our constitution is no longer the document by which we can be governed.
And the basket descends....

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