Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let the Truth be Know

I'm very happy that the second of the Boston bombers has been captured and thankful for the brave men and women who worked tirelessly and selflessly to bring about the capture.  I have avoided watching much news about it, however, and completely avoid any of the social media posts because the facts are not yet fully know.
I'm disgusted with those in the media and those who seem to be in the business of inventing news spreading what they think, guess or make up from thin air, and calling it news.  In doing this, confusion results.
"There has been an explosion." "...two."  "...three."   "oops, only two."
"Subject in custody." "...ooops...."  
You get my thinking here?
Everybody is an expert, so who can be believed?  Please folks, before you start disseminating news, make sure it's news--not conjecture.  Tossing out speculation in a form indistinguishable from fact might make you fell important, but it does no one any good.

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