Sunday, April 7, 2013

Children of Designer Gods (part 5)

Moving along yet further into the making God in our own pattern concept, we'll now look briefly at the idea of why Jesus came to Earth.  If we were to ask that questions, many would say things like "to teach us how to live good lives," "to heal sick people," and a host of other things, all of which He did, but none of which are the reason He came.  It's specifically stated once.  In Luke's Gospel, chapter 19, verse 10:  "For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost."
What was lost?  Man was lost--unable, on his own power to come to God.  All of us have sinned and fall short (daily, I might add) of God's Glory.  The penalty for that sin is death--eternal death, Hell, horrible punishment. The single way to escape that is by trust in Christ and His work on the cross.  It was on the cross that He died for our sins and that is how he saved us.
So, Jesus came to provide a way for us to be reconciled to God.  He came to seek and save us.  Along the way, he did some great things.  He healed many, fed lots of people, performed all kinds of many things that John's gospel tells us that there were not enough books to record all His actions within those three short years of ministry; but those things were not the reasons He came.   He came to seek and save the lost--I was among the lost, you were among the lost (hopefully, the past tense is correct, if not the time to correct that is now).
We can't be fooled by those who take bits and pieces of the Bible and use them out of context to prove something which is contrary to the book actually says.  Jesus did NOT come just to do good things, or teach us how to live good lives.  He came to seek and save the lost.  That's the whole story.  Tho think He did less, is to sell Him short, to design him as we want Him to be.

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