Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts on Being Taught

I just had a disturbing conversation with a friend concerned that a third party was contemplating a change in some associations because he was not being taught within his current environment.  It may well be true that he is not being taught; but where is the responsibility for learning?  Is it on the teacher or the student?
There are several venues in which I have taught or currently teach as well as a myriad of topics which I do or have taught.  For technical school classes, police and security training, martial arts instruction as well as church related teaching and preaching people come to me to receive instruction. I don't go to them and say "let me teach you;"  I'm asked to bring the information to them.
When I've wanted to receive training, I've sought out my instructors, applied to courses or gone well out of my way to attend a class or seminar.  It's my responsibility, not the instructors.  Quite often, it's been on my time and my dime.
So, if the person involved in my friend's conversation happens to read this, I hope he takes it to heart.  There are plenty of opportunities out there to get what you're looking for.  Just ask.

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