Monday, September 16, 2013

Follow Through

Most of us understand the concept of follow through. To effectively swing a baseball bat, you need it; to hit a golf ball any distance you need it, and to be effective in life you need it too.
Lately, several folks among my friends and colleagues have bothered me by not following through. "I'll call you ."  He never does. "I'll be there." She doesn't show. "I'll...."  The exact nature of the broken promise doesn't matter, they've been too numerous to mention. And those are the promises that effected me; but there must be others.
There are other ways folks fail to follow through.  Not living up to clearly stated expectations comes to mind for some folks I know. Not completing projects whether large or small would be another. To be sure, there are many others.
As a simple matter of ethics, whatever our position in life, in whatever situation, we must meet our obligations. We must follow through!

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