Sunday, September 22, 2013

Highs and Lows

Some time back my church granted me "license to preach."  It's similar to ordination, but the process is not quite as grueling as an ordination can be.  According to the laws of New York, that license allows me to perform all the functions that an ordained pastor may perform, including officiating at weddings.
Though it was not something I'd ever planned to do, I was asked to officiate for the wedding of the daughter of the man who had been my best man nearly 40 years ago, and has remained among my dearest friends for all these years.  The honor and privilege of doing this for my friend's daughter gave me a terrific feeling all by itself and the fact that it was a wonderful ceremony that went off without a hiccup, topped off by a classy reception only increased the sense of euphoria...and then I got home and checked my facebook messages.
About the time I was asking "Who gives this woman to be married?" the daughter of another long-time friend was putting her head on her daddy's chest and hearing him take his last breaths.   Another retired ECO, a man with whom I'd worked quite often in years past and whose friendship I'd enjoyed, had lost his rather short battle with cancer.
The shock of his sudden passing was exacerbated by the timing...I went from a marvelous high to a bummed out state almost instantly.   Life certainly has a way of leveling out emotions, does it not?

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