Sunday, February 24, 2013

Upcoming Events

A couple weeks ago, I had a call that was something of an SOS.  All of a sudden, the Adirondack Sportsmen's Dinner was in need of another seminar presenter.  I hadn't been there in a few years and the draw for my seminar had dwindled a bit after the first years of packed-out rooms.  What I do is only for a smaller group of folks with the interest in defensive handgunning.  To make a long story short, I'll be there doing a course on Handgun Basics.
Check out the website and if you're interested, get a reservation quickly because it's usually packed early.  Hope to see you there. That's on March 23rd.

Friday night, I had another SOS from the organizer of the Wells Dinner.  Seems he's having the same problem with seminar speakers.  I'd stopped doing that event several years back because it's held in a school and the administration at the time was not gun-friendly.  One way or another, with or without real guns, this year I'll be doing the seminar there also.  That's on March 9th at the Wells Central School.  I don't have contact information at the moment and there's no current information on the web.

Also on March 23rd, is the Baptist Church of Northville's "Critter Dinner."  It's at 530 and will be held at BCON Corner in Northville.  That's just a men's night out with food--lots of it.  It might be a wild game dish, or maybe an ordinary meatloaf.  It might be some of Barb Klueg's "coyote dropping" desert, or "The Gamewarden's Decoy Dessert."  Ya' never know what's going to show up.
I'll be doing my seminar in Schroon Lake and making a rocket run across Rt. 8 to get back to Northville for the latter half of that.

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