Friday, February 22, 2013

A Quick Get-away

We had two days that we both free so we were outtahere!
I'd found a neat country store in central Vermont a while back while on a motorcycle trip with a buddy of mine.  Despite the fact that I figured it could be expensive, I knew I had to take my wife there--in the car so we could carry home our trophies, of course.  (Truth be told, she was very reserved, even on the chocolate.)
We found our way to the Vermont Country Store in Weston Vt. about noon on a snowy, blustery day in February--typical winter weather for the region--and dove in.  The place is great, from candy, specialty meats and cheese to hardware to clothing, it's a great place.  It's a trip down memory lane for us, many of the things within are not found in most stores today, but were staples "back in the day" when we grew up.  It took us about two hours to get through it.  It was time well spent.
Then we drove across the Green Mountains back to the Champlain Valley to have dinner and spend the night, planning to find a place to do some sight-seeing on our snowshoes the next day.  Our sights for the day were the Shelburne Country Store and Green Mountain Coffee's Visitor Center.  We never found enough snow to put our shoes on.  Well, there was a lot of snow in the mountains; but the terrain was not what we were looking for to do a nice winter afternoon walk on the shoes.
So, the trip turned into another "foodie" trip.  We found a Cabbot cheese shop, a Lake Champlain Chocolate shop and some pretty tasty cider donuts (though "award winning" we like the ones from Golden Harvest in Valatie, NY better).
Along the way we also bought some critters, though for cuddling not for eating.  We came home with a bunny and ducky and a llama.
It was a great trip and we were home early enough so we could get a good start for the next day without being exhausted.  Now, it's back to normal--whatever that means for us.  

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