Monday, July 6, 2009

Maybe No Business is Good Business

Currently, the New York State Senate is out of business. It has been rendered by powerless by a couple of "rebel" Democrats who have splintered away from their party and joined with Republicans., except that one of them went running back--I think. The bottom line is that the entire house has stopped up the business of government. Nothing is being done. Sessions are opened and closed almost in the same breath with nothing being done.
Maybe that's not all a bad thing. New York was poised on the edge of a gay marriage bill--that's effectively dead as long as business is stalled. With liberals in charge of the committees, no doubt that gun control laws were on agenda. Now they're stalled as well which is another good thing.
I'm sure that there is business that must be conducted in order to continue the affairs of State, but maybe it's not all a bad thing!

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