Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Always Right to do Right... is never right to do wrong in order to accomplish right. These words, read many years ago in a book on police ethics, came rushing back to me the other day when another police officer sent me the web link to a story about a police officer, only a short time away from his pension, who was caught in a lie. Not just a lie, put perjury! He lied under oath in court. Now he has lost his job, his pension, and faces time in jail for his action.
The link was sent to me no doubt wanting to evoke sympathy for the officer and maybe outrage at the actions of his department in taking the action they had. I didn't react that way. I fear that the actions of this officer, in addition to allowing a (probably guilty) suspect to go free has cast his agency, and all police officers in it in a bad light.
Certainly I feel sorry for his family who now has to live with the results of his action, but pity for him? Nope! Don't have any.

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