Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Changing Your Nation

While vacationing in Canada, in the lovely Province of Prince Edward Island--yes we checked out all the Avonlea stuff--we attended church on Fathers Day in a small, country church. We're always wary of denominations because there seems to be no guarantee that any name is indicative of its belief anymore, and agonized over where we'd go, not wanting to find ourselves in a church which taught a social gospel; but found ourselves in this church and were warmly welcomed by all and happy with the time spent there.
In the message, which was directed toward fathers, the pastor made one of the most profound statements I'd heard about what we can do to be effective in changing our nation (Interesting that I heard this in a nation not my own!) His statement was "the way to change our nation is not to complain about the government, but to father our children."
Simple, yet awsome words! If each man took responsibility to truly "father" his children, they would be more likely to grow up into responsible adults. They in turn would produce another generation of responsible adults and in two or three generations we could see some incredible changes.
No earthy father has been, is now, or ever will be perfect, nor will every child grow up responsibly, but if only every father would make the effort.....

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