Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rite an rong

OK, so the title is spelled wrong. I know that, but that's the point. In school I had teachers who corrected things--or made me correct them, and I learned. Imagine the nerve of history teachers making students correct spelling, punctuation and grammer! Admittedly, I still make errors--in fact probably a lot of them, but the glaring ones stand out like sore thumbs. When something has to be perfect, I have my wife read it to be sure it says what I think it does, and if questions of structure arise either consult a style manual, or send it to my son, a professional embarassing is that.
Somewhere along the line, bad English became accepted, not just in text messaging and emails, but in proper print. I've seen glaring errors in syndicated news articles, so the problem goes all the way to the top.
So, what's the point? The point is that there are abolute rights, and absolute wrongs; not just matters of custom, opinion and preference. I'm still offended by men and boys who don't take off their hats during the National Anthem, but that's custom. It also bothers me when men treat their wives or girlfriends like one of the guys all the time, but that's a matter of preference for them and the choice to accept it for their gals. However, just like reading a professionally written advertisement saying "try and find...," some things are still wrong.
Calling abortion "choice" comes to mind quickly; culling the elderly and infirm in the name of "death with dignity" probably is worse yet. Calling homosexuality an "alternative lifestyle" follows right along behind, along with such things as "trans-gender" or other soft-sell approaches to saying WRONG.
Why are these thing wrong? Because the Bible is an absolute standard; there is no wiggle room or renegotiation on some things. That's why. It's not my opinion, not my preference; it's God's own Word!

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