Saturday, February 14, 2009

More righteous than I

We sat and watched a movie last night, not something I have the patience for often. It was the story of Ruth, as done by Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA. I can read the entire book of the Bible by that name in only minutes, but the movie took a bit over two hours, and was worth the time. In the dialogue, the phrase "more righteous than I" appeared once or twice and for some reason struck a chord in me.
This afternoon, that chord started strumming again, and I took some time to think through why, at least superficially. I guess that there have been some times I've had to say that, or should have said it, anyway, and was humbled by the thought that I was less righteous than someone else. Humility in such a case is not a bad thing, I guess, and I'll take my lumps and be humbled when appropriate--at least I hope so.
The other half of the thought was when I got to thinking of times I was more righteous than someone in a particular situation. Though I can think of times that I was right--an annoying habit of mine--I'm not so sure that I can say there have been that many times I've been more righteous than others. That, too, is humbling.

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