Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Closet Bigot

I suppose that if you read my last post, you might believe me to be highly bigoted, and for good reason. I have a set of standards to which subscribe as the absolute standards. Never will I say that I'm perfect, I admit that I fall short in many ways; and if you don't believe that, check with my wife, kids, and employers. Somebody will rat me out.
Though not perfect, I don't make any attempt to redefine right and wrong. Also, I don't hate those with whom I disagree---though disagree I must.
Over the years I've rubbed shoulders with many men and women who are homosexuals. Generally, they are great folks. I've taught classes with them, worked law enforcement cases with them, and they've taught my children in school. I've also had friends who have had (or their girlfriends have had) abortions. Once again, they're generally nice people and I have no fear of them. But they delude themselves.
I certainly don't hate any of them, but will never alter my statement of what is absolutely right or wrong, just because they don't happen to agree with me.

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