Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Big Brother

George Orwell wrote his book, 1984, and had people worried about weather or not some almighty government would someday be able to figure out exactly what each member of society would be doing each moment. Today, we hardly need any government to do that, we're tossing that information out for all to see.
How? you ask. It's called Face Book. It's called My Space. There are probably others. I have resisted the urge to get involved in it, though I enjoy being social, keeping up with friends, and making new ones. Something about them bothers me, and if not using one keeps me in the dark ages, so be it. I'll stay there. My cell phone and email keep me in touch enough.
In the last couple weeks I've investigated two incidents wherein the stalking of young women was assisted by one of the networking sites. Both the girls were totally unaware of how easy it was to be located and identified by involvement with the sites. Both put themselves in danger by using them.
Big Brother doesn't have to go looking, we're playing our lives out right in front of him.

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