Sunday, March 31, 2013

The "Steady Eddie"

This post is written primarily for Christians: those who know the Lord as personal Savior.  Others might, or might not, get something from it.

It's been said that it's the Steady Eddies of organizations that really make them successful--those individuals who may not be the flashy, hard drivers and don't ever get much attention; but instead show up regularly, play their part competently and rarely, unfortunately, receive any notice, and sometimes struggling with continuing in the task.  So it is within Christian circles.
The goal of every Christian should be to bear fruit, that fruit being primarily new Christians.  There are other things one might do along the way; but that is the true goal: to bring others to Christ.  Success, by the way, is not measured in the number of people brought to a saving knowledge of Him, but in faithfulness and consistency to the attempt.  One missionary I know struggled for years before winning his first convert--but oh, what that one convert was able to do afterwards!
But how about those of us not in full-time Christian service?  One friend has had a measure of success in bringing people to Christ.  He's brought them in due to knowing them in social settings, just by being a good friend, offering a listening ear, help where need, and living a consistent Christian life to the point where people could say "I want what he has"  Then he showed them the way.  Yet this friend has struggled in one area.  He had a work life that for many years was quite difficult for him.  Plagued by many issues, he would have liked to move on, but due to realities such as job opportunities and potential pension losses, he stayed--not very happily maybe; but still living and working diligently as a Christian should.  He has been a true "Steady Eddie."
Into his work circle came an absolute atheist.  This guy wanted nothing--nothing at all--to do with God.  Even a prayer at a public event upset him.  A few years back, he started to participate in some social activities our church was doing--the camaraderie of riding motorcycles with his coworker and a bunch of other men can do that--and he began to soften.  Over a couple years time, he started to show up in church occasionally with my friend, then regularly, sometimes even when my friend was out of town!.  A very short time ago, he accepted Christ as his Savior.  He is now a changed, and still changing man.  It was the presence in his life of that Steady Eddie who brought him to the point where he recognized his need for Christ.
All the years my friend struggled, wanting out of his job situation, now has purpose (in hindsight, of course).  Had he let his inner struggle with the job situation spill out into his job performance or attitude he would never have seen this man come to the Lord as a result of his steadiness.
So, what's all this rambling about?  Some reading this might be among the movers and shakers wherever they are.  They might fully enjoy their work, they might be seeing tremendous success.  They may be seeing fruit in their Christian lives.  The rest of us, however are not going to be that way.  We're going to show up, do our jobs well--hopefully--and  receive few if any accolades for what we do.  The consistency in our work patterns, our life-styles do get noticed.  It may be that someone might be looking at you and wondering what makes you tick   Live your life, do your work, conduct yourselves at all times in a manner worthy of a Christian.  Someday that steadiness might be used to bring someone to the Lord.  That will make whatever struggles you've had worthwhile.

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