Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bay Leaf--and Other Stories

The coffee carafe in the hotel office went empty just before my cup was filled causing my wife and me to start laughing.  That forced us to explain to the young clerk why that was funny.  It seems that I have a very high likelihood of taking the last drops of coffee from any carafe from which I try to get a cup of coffee.  It's been that way for years, and happens everywhere.  
That got me going back in time to those other things that seem to hit me with a high regularity.  
My mom used to make about the best spaghetti sauce this side of Italy.  In each pot was one bay leaf.  Every time we had her sauce for dinner, or used to make a dinner, I got the bay leaf--it never failed.  
Another thing that followed me around for years were soured creamers.  In the early days of individually packaged creamers--before aseptic packaging--rarely did a week go by without getting a soured creamer.  Generally, they were so bad they came out in chunks.  It happened locally and on cross-country trips.  
The last of the things following me seems to be the bent forks.  If a restaurant has a bent fork within its supply of table ware, you can pretty well guess who is going to get it at his table.  
What's all this mean?  Absolutely nothing...just thought I'd put it down in writing in hopes that somebody else will be relieved he's not the only one that had things like this follow him around the country side. 

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  1. Bill, it is the law of probability. The more coffee you drink, the more pasta, the more creamers, the more forks....well you get the idea. Now that you cut back, you will still "expect" it to happen, so it seems it will. With the usual regularity. Or, perhaps it is Karma from those years of polluting the world with Captain Black. Had to throw that out there, just kidding of course.