Friday, March 8, 2013

Blue Friday (or Who is the Real Victim?)

If you've paid any attention, there are frequent events where the "good guys" win.  Specifically, there are many incidents in which police engage a person bent on doing violence and stop him--often with gunfire, and often ending with the death of the perpetrator.  One writer, Dave Smith AKA Buck Savage, makes note of these events with "NOT TODAY" celebrating the fact that the cops engaged and won.  The general news media, however, reports the events and almost universally refers to the miscreant as the "victim" of a police shooting.  
I don't know that it's a willful or intentional thing, but it seems to be a conditioned mindset.  They seem to think that a person who gets shot is automatically a victim.  They are very wrong.  A person who chooses to engage in a deadly force encounter with police officers does so at his own peril.  The police officers are the victims as they now must deal with the aftermath of doing what they had to do which is what they were paid to do, trained to do and (hopefully) did well.  They now have to go through the periods of self-examination, department examination, media scrutiny, court processes....  That's if he receives no physical wounds!  Need I say more?
Admittedly, there are rare events in which there is an improper shooting of some type, and in those incidents, there is a true victim of a police shooting; but in the vast majority of of the cases, the victim is the police officer, along with his family, friends and agency.  So, if you feel the need to help a victim, today is the day.  It's Blue Friday, thank a cop!  He might be the next victim.

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