Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Game Warden Files--The Guides' Season

It was the final weekend of the North Zone season and was working with Jim Harnish, a true legend of a North Country Game Warden--I wish he'd written his memoirs. We were checking the last car left in a parking area as the tired hunters came out of the woods. They were a pleasant bunch, as were most, and after the requisite checking of licenses and tags the talk turned to our hunting seasons. Jim laughed and told them that we didn't get much time to hunt during the season, so we got to hunt in "The Guides' Season:" that week after the regular season when all the professionals who were tied up during the regular season got to hunt. 

Those guys thought that it was a great idea and started making plans to come up the following weekend and drive (a method of  hunting in which drivers work a patch of woods in an attempt to drive the deer out to the watcher who would harvest the animals) for us. 

We let the gag run for a few minutes; but when they showed no sign of recognizing it for the gag it was we finally broke down and told them the truth.  Even though they were disappointed that they wouldn't get to help us out, they realized they'd been had and laughed along with us. 

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