Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Game Warden Files--Get the Aluminum Foil!

The caller sounded rational, intelligent and truly concerned about an ongoing problem. I really didn't want to go out that night but it sounded like a complaint too good to pass up. She'd heard gunshots and could see lights in the woods near her house. Since she was only a few minutes from our house, I jumped in the car and headed over.

The house was hard to find, its driveway virtually concealed from the road behind some buildings on a construction company's storage area. The location of the house was atop a hill giving a view that would have been stunning in daylight--but it was dark, raining, very windy, and visibility was poor. By the time I arrived at the door I was already re-thinking my decision to come out. Between the low visibility and the howling winds, everything she had told me was starting to look fanciful at best. When the door opened, I was met by the person who had sounded so rational, intelligent and sincere. The person was nothing like the voice! Disheveled, unkempt, and wacky would be the way to describe this lady and her house was in total disarray. She took me to her windows where I could see nothing close, only distant lights which she tried to tell me were the hunters in the woods nearby.  No, they were some distance away--miles in fact, and quite stationary. Then she started telling me about the helicopters landing around her house all the time--and nobody would do anything about it. Hmm, imagine that.

The more of the house I saw, the more eager I was to get out of there. She had foil on some of the windows and other contraptions about which I was afraid to ask. I managed to extricate myself from our conversation with the promise that I would surely investigate the matter, got back to my car and down the hill before she found a way to come after me.

I stopped at the Sheriff's Office on the way home and asked if they knew her. They had been to her home on numerous occasions for a variety of odd complaints. They were happy she'd decided to call the game warden for once instead of them. So glad to be of service--NOT!

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