Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home From Vacation

Yes, it has again been a while since I posted anything.  Time just keeps slipping by.  This post is actually going to have something to do with ammo!  After all, it's part of the title.
While on vacation, I got a chance to shoot a muzzle loading bench rifle.  I was at the annual encampment of the Christian Game Warden Support Group held near Centerville TN, and one of our participants brought along a couple of really interesting, hand-built rifles.  His creations weigh in at about 25 pounds or so, seems that there is weight that fits "regulation" for the the type of competition he shoots them in.  The shooting process is long, and to a non-enthusiast, tedious; but the owner of the piece was truly in his element.  It took about a half hour just to unload the truck and set everything in place; but when it comes to the shooting, it really performs!
This rifle sits in a mount and the shooter snuggles up to it wearing a special padded glove to support the butt stock.  The sights are interesting--an aperture within another aperture, and the settle easily onto the target. The trigger is magic.  It's pretty easy to get the feel of it and my shot hit the mark.  As a matter of fact, one target shot by several shooters didn't look half bad.
I also shot a couple of .45 pistols and found them to be quite to my liking.  As much as I like Glocks, I must admit the Springfield 1911 was sweet to shoot.
That's about all the shooting I did at the get-together this year.  I didn't bring any guns of my own, except the .380 I carried--and I couldn't pick up an ammo on the trip out there.  

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