Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Observations on a Sunday Morning

As I was headed to church this morning I had to stop to allow for pedestrian traffic as another church emptied out and its congregants crossed to the parking lot.  I observed that there were many gray heads; but there were no kids, no teens and no young adults.  Contrast that to the Sunday morning service at our church ( the Baptist Church of Northville--yeah, I am promoting it   here: where there are families with infants, preschool, and all school-aged kids and older teens as well as a significant number of young adults, a few newlyweds, and a few soon-to-be-weds. We have the full spectrum of ages covered.  
We also cover a broad range in music, as was commented on this morning by our Music Director. This morning we had a special that was done to a Jamaican beat and in an island vernacular.  It was well done and well received. Our Sunday morning worship is graced by all types of music from a contemporary praise band with a variety of instruments, a great sounding choir of adult voices, kids choirs, bells choirs and endless specials. Any music that brings praise and honor to our Lord is used.  It's priceless to see senior citizens clapping to a modern song and youngsters singing the timeless and traditional hymns of the faith. 
I was also struck this morning by the commitment to service among some of our folks. One older gentleman--long a loyal servant within our church, having served in a variety of positions--now needs a cane to safely navigate from the parking lot, across open ground and into the sanctuary. However, he takes his place among the ushers when the time comes for the morning offering, though he may grasp a pew for support here and there. That's faithful service!  
Finally, over the last couple of weeks I've been in a position to notice the preparation that goes into worship. Our musicians practice beforehand, our sound people make sure everything is working, our maintenance man is standing by, ready to deal with the little needs that pop up with a high degree of regularity...yes, worship does take preparation. This begs the question:  Are we prepared to worship?  Are we already thinking on things of the Lord, or about the picnic this afternoon? Have we looked at the sermon outline that's usually available on-line and read the Scripture? Have we asked God's blessing on the hour? Hmmmm.


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