Friday, August 9, 2013


In the days before facebook; before Bing; before Google, there was email.  In those early email days, there might have been an excuse for passing on garbage by means of that novel mode of communication.  After all, who among us doesn't want to be the first to pass on a helpful hint, a warning of danger or maybe a juicy tidbit about a public figure?
But now, rarely does a day go by without a message from someone that is totally--or at least largely--bogus; and the facts of the matter are readily available with but a "copy-paste-enter."
A troubling part of this is that it's not just dopey people who do this. It's as likely as not to be the professionals.  As a disclaimer, everyone gets stung occasionally.  I too have passed on information which had come by way of folks who should have known better, and then been chided for not checking the facts. So much for trusting those who should have known better.   Mea Culpa!
I am particularly disturbed by those who value the same things as I do and pass on nonsense.  It kills their credibility and that of the causes they (we) hold dear.
So folks, check the facts--YOU OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER!

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