Monday, March 3, 2014

A Byproduct of Lesson Planning

We're getting ready for a leaders' retreat in which all the deacons and trustees of our church, along with our two pastors, get away for a short time for some directed study and prayer. It's always a good the time for us.
This year, our pastor gave me the task of preparing a lesson on Acts 16:16-40, a very common passage dealing with Paul, Silas and the jailer in Philippi. There's a lot of meat in the passage, but in my first work session in preparation I came to this conclusion:
People pushed to the end of themselves, overwhelmed by needs, looking for a quick fix, and without any previous knowledge of godly things look to Jesus for temporal help and find their eternal needs met. Our example to them in handling adversity, as individuals or as a church may bring them to us.  We must be ready to provide the message.  

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