Thursday, December 26, 2013


I might be coining a term here, it would be nice to be the first to use a specific set of words and then have my lead followed; but it's the effect, not the verbiage that's important here.
From all media accounts, Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite restaurant chains, took a course of action based upon political correctness and then reversed itself because of the groundswell of opposition. My purpose is not to re-hash A&E's controversy over Phil Robertson's statements--they have to live with their response; but to look at what happened with Cracker Barrel.
For a number of years, we've been living in a world of political correctness. No one wants to be offended so the masses have avoided speaking up in order to avoid ever giving offence to anyone. This has brought us to a point at which anyone offended need only speak up and the rest have willingly silenced themselves. Enter Phil Robertson. He speaks his mind and his mind is firmly fixed on what the Bible has to say and what it says is often is terribly offensive to a certain segment of society. Then, a somewhat larger segment of society steps in and says "oh, we must not offend," and the majority silences itself.
This time, however, something decidedly different happened. The folks who patronize Cracker Barrel are NOT offended by what was said, and (I suspect) largely agree with the statement that was made! This time, those people reacted vocally and look what happened. Cracker Barrel reversed course! It did it quite quickly, I might add.
My hope is that more people, businesses and politicians will realize that they cannot be bullied into violating their beliefs and preferences based upon the beliefs and preferences of others, who may be a loud but vocal minority. This is not a new thing, rather a new manifestation of the concept of a silent majority. In this case, the silent majority has risen up and spoken. May it continue to do so. If that occurs, the Cracker Barrel Effect will be a reality. May it be so.

Please note that I am not taking Phil Roberson's side; but taking God's side.  Like Phil Robertson, I don't hate anyone; but also like Phil, I believe the Bible to be absolute in its statements. Those who chose to disregard it--whether vocal or silent--do so at their own peril.

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