Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yeah, I've been slacking lately.  It's just been such a crazy spring.  We've been plagued by weather delays in getting both our yard ready and our summer business, Grandview Mini Golf, up and running.  Mowers have broken down, our weed-whacker fell apart in my hands, the pressure washer couldn't handle the pressure and seized up...yeah. it's been one of those seasons. Even after getting things ready, the weather was so bad that we lost most of Memorial Day weekend, which should have given us a nice start to the year.
 Rather than complain, however, I've looked at Oklahoma and other weather ravaged areas.  We have friends and relatives in some areas being hit with tornadoes, a friend in Canada is being dispatched to fight wildfires...yeah, we have it pretty good here.

The weed whacker and mower will get fixed, meanwhile a good neighbor brought over his monster: a commercial 32 inch walk behind that's just too big for him to run effectively.  It does the job nicely and gets me some exercise to keep off the extra size.  We bought a new pressure washer to clean up mini-golf and maybe get the house cleaned up too this summer.  Everything we've lost can be replaced. We'll have some good days at mini-golf this summer...yeah, we've got it pretty good here.

Maybe I'll even get a chance to catch up on some writing; and then again, maybe not.

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