Sunday, December 28, 2008


Most people get on their soap boxes when they are pontificating on a matter. Somewhere in a conversation recently, I made the comment about getting on my ammo box, thus the title of this blog.

This will be a running commentary on things that amuse me, annoy me, puzzle me, or otherwise interest me enough to put something in writing. Since I am an outspoke Christian, very conservative, a second ammendment supporter, and everything else that conservatives should be, most of what I write will likely offend liberals, and hopefully make other conservatives think a little outside the box, as I fear sometimes we are so caught up in our own little worlds we miss the bigger picture.

It's more a running personal journal than a public document. It's not going to be spell-checked; the punctuation might be missing or wrong. It's just my thought process, put down on (virtual) paper.

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